Decrease Stress – A Few Quick Tips

Stress comes in all forms and affects people of all ages and all walks of life.   All of us have felt stress at one point or another.  Often when we’re feeling stressed out we don’t want another list of things we need to do– even if it’s a list of things to do to reduce our stress level.

So here are four quick and easy things you can do to reduce stress:

1. Give your partner a hug every day before work. Studies show this simple act can help you remain calm when chaos ensues during your day.

2. Have a good cry. It can boost your immune system, reduce levels of stress hormones, eliminate depression, and help you think more clearly.

3. Breathe deeply for three to five minutes, two times a day.

4. Take a walk. Get outside, breathe in fresh air, notice the leaves and flowers and birds around you, and you’ll often feel much better.