Happy Holidays from Pueblo StepUp

Dear Friends,

As 2013 draws to a close, we hope it has been a successful year for you and 2014 will prove to be even more so. As you consider how you can address the needs of others in our community, we want to share the ways in which Pueblo StepUp can help you make a difference.

Pueblo StepUp provides one-on-one counseling to low-income families, children, pregnant mothers, and seniors to help them improve their health and well-being. Our staff works with these individuals every step of the way to empower them to become healthier, happier, and be better advocates for their own health. This past year, 3,400 individuals became able to access care benefits a record number! And, 4,600 community members contacted us for support and education specific to their health needs. Real-life stories, like Jane’s, provide perhaps the most compelling description of what Pueblo StepUp does:

My son Noah was born at 29 weeks and has had some health problems, including chronic lung disease. Noah is now 18 months old and has been on oxygen since birth. In addition, because he has severe oral aversion (a fear of eating), he requires a G-J tube for his feeding in order to get the nutrition he needs. The private insurance I have for my family restricted the facilities where Noah could receive treatment and services. I visited Pueblo StepUp and met with a Medicaid eligibility specialist who listened to my story and told me about the Children’s Buy-In Program. This was the answer to our prayers. I pay an additional premium each month (based on my family’s income), but Noah is now able to receive the services he needs. Noah is making progress; as of last month, he no longer needs to be on oxygen and we finally can see a bright and healthy future for him.

*Jane’s actual name not used

This impact is not our achievement alone; through your contribution, you are helping clients like Jane’s son receive the care and opportunities they need to continue living their lives. We invite you to donate this holiday season. As an extra bonus, if you include your email address in your online donation Pueblo StepUp will enter you into a drawing to receive two free tickets to our Wine and Small Plates fundraiser, an $80.00 value. We will also keep you updated on exciting new programs and progress that our clients are making. From the Board of Directors and staff of Pueblo StepUp, we wish that you and your family a very happy holidays. Thank you so much for your support; you are continuing to make a difference in the community with us.

Helen E. Upton

Executive Director