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YWCA – Adult & Child Domestic Abuse Counseling

Free counseling is available to women and children in the Pueblo community who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence.
 Child Counseling Program
We offer out-client counseling for children in the community and counseling for children residing in our shelter that includes safety planning, information about family violence, learning alternatives to violence and an explanation that solving the problem of family violence is an adult responsibility. Non-offending, out-client parents receive counseling to help them understand the effects of domestic violence on their children. Child Counseling Services are provided by Kate Booth, Play Therapy Counselor. She can be reached at (719) 542-0779.
 The program promotes safety, understanding and healing for children and adolescents who have witnessed domestic violence. The program focus involves development of a personal safety plan, identifying and discussing feelings, learning alternatives to violence and understanding that they are in no way to blame for the violence and should not accept responsibility for trying to solve the problem.
The Child/Adolescent Counselor also offers Effects of Domestic Violence on Children for the abuser. This class is offered on the first Tuesday of every month. This class is $20.00. Please call the YWCA to sign up and for payment arrangements.
 Adult Counseling Program
We offer out-client counseling for adult women in the community and counseling for women residing in our shelter. Adult Counseling Services are provided by Marcella Villalon, LCSW. She hosts a Domestic Violence Support Group on Thursday nights at 6:30 pm. Please call (719) 545-4808 for more information.
 Restraining Order Modification
Our child counselor provides counseling for parents who are seeking to modify the no contact on restraining orders. Please call the YWCA of Pueblo at (719) 542-6904 for the next available class.

801 N Santa Fe Ave
Administration: 719-542-6904; Adult Counseling: 719-545-4805; Child Counseling: 719-542-0779; Crisis Hotline: 719-545-8195
Administration Office Hours: 8:00am-5:00pm; Domestric Violence Staff – 24 hours a day