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History: Addict to Athlete was founded in Pueblo Colorado by recovering methamphetamine addict Rob Archuleta in April of 2009. The group started off as a running support group at Corwin Middle School for a half hour meeting and a half hour of exercise. Soon after the Colorado weather would force them indoors. Rob approached long time friend, martial arts instructor and dojo owner Santiago Barrela about use of their facility. Santiago graciously agreed to help them out and Addict to Athlete has become what it is today. We owe a great deal of our success to AKKA and The Barrela family!

Addict 2 Athlete is now located at Stay Invincible CrossFit 2101 East Evans Pueblo CO, thanks to the generosity of David and Aimie Gohn. In Zone is a 24/7 Fitness center with two levels of equipment, mixing the best of old-school weight lifting equipment with cutting-edge cardio gear. In Zone is also offering special membership rates to Addict2Athlete members!

A2A’s Founder, Rob Archuleta:

It just made sense to me that exercise and support groups go hand in hand.

Especially when you’re in a war against addiction,

you not only need a healthy mind, but a healthy body as well.

Sheena Archuleta: As a recovering cocaine addict, Sheena had never been athletic until she helped start Addict 2 Athlete. Since then, she has shown what determination can do… Sheena is now an ultra-marathon runner and triathlete.

Rob Archuleta: Rob is an Ironman triathlete and marathon runner, he is also a Certified Personal Trainer, Crossfit Level 1 Trainer and Certified Insanity Instructor. Rob is also a Chemical Abuse Counselor Level III, Prevention Specialist Level II, Certified Child and Family Investigator, and has a BS in Sociology, with an emphasis on Criminology.

Rob Archuleta: “I grew up in Pueblo, went to South High School, and played sports. I had a pretty normal life, great parents and a brother who is my best friend. But I was sexually abused for most of my life by a distant family member.

The reason I point that out is because I think it had a big part of my addiction. The sexual abuse led to anger, I felt a lot of rage towards God, my parents, and myself. I was once told that 75% of addicts have suffered a sexual traumatic experience, a violent traumatic experience or loss, or have parents that used drugs and or alcohol. I fell into one of these categories.

In search for answers I turned to drugs, acid, cocaine, ecstasy, alcohol and finally, my drugs of choice, special k and methamphetamine. I think I was trying to feel a God shaped hole that was inside of me.

Soon I moved to Las Vegas, entered the night club scene, and had success… but gave into addiction.

Nine years later I moved back to Colorado, but continued to use drugs.

My grandmother’s dying wish was for me to clean up. I was high at her funeral.

My grandmother died on the first week of April 2005.

I quit drugs and alcohol on April 21st of 2005.

I had never an irreversible consequence until then. Knowing I would never get the time I missed with her back, I refused to lose time with anyone else.

I started going to AA and NA meetings and have been sober ever since.

I have sober tattooed on my right arm and ‘Ida’ my grandmother’s name on my left.

I also married my long time friend and soul mate Sheena, a woman who has made all my accomplishments possible!

Recovery philosophies are wonderful, but if the mind and the body are not in synch, the war on addiction is more difficult. Having seen the need for the mind and the body to be as one, A2A was born.

Feel free to take any of our ideas and readings to start your own A2A support group!

Also let us know where you are located so we can post your information on our site.

Together, through our strength and our unity we can recover!”

1301 W. 17th St.
Phone: 719-250-7859
Ages Served: 8-80+
Contact Person: Rob Archuleta
Hours of Operation: 8am-8pm