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Parkview Lactation Program/Milky Way-5th Floor

Parkview Lactation Program/Milky Way-5th Floor


Parkview Breastfeeding Center
For breastfeeding mothers, The Parkview Breastfeeding Center is where you will find knowledgeable advice to help make the most of this exciting time.. During your hospital stay our professional lactation team will offer guidance and support. After you are discharged home, our professionals continue their support by inviting you to attend the breastfeeding support group which meets the third Tuesday monthly.

Our lactation consultants are just a phone call away. We offer outpatient consultations as well as a breastfeeding advice line. Available Monday through Friday with visits by appointment only – call 719.584.4581. The office is located in the Women’s Services Department on the fifth floor of the main hospital campus.

Day and Evening prenatal breastfeeding classes
Prenatal assessment for women with previous or anticipated breastfeeding problems
Inpatient consultations
Office visits or phone consultations
Classes taught by a Certified Lactation Educator or Certified Lactation Consultant

400 W. 16th Street
M-F, By appointment only