Pueblo StepUp 2010 Results

2010 was a year of exciting developments and results for Pueblo StepUp.  We served a total of 7,374 people from across Pueblo County in FY 2010.

In April of 2010, we became an official Colorado State Medical Assistance (MA) site. As an MA site our staff can determine an individual’s eligibility for Medicaid or Colorado Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) benefits via the Colorado Benefits Management System.  This process allows for medical benefits to begin immediately, medical care can be sought right away, and health care providers can be assured of payment. And as an MA site we can serve residents of any Colorado county, which is especially helpful for patients from surrounding counties who are receiving medical care at a Pueblo facility.

Pueblo StepUp added EnhanceWellness® to our menu of senior services in 2010. EnhanceWellness is a personalized mentoring program that helps individuals who have a chronic condition determine an individual strategy for learning about and engaging in healthy lifestyle behaviors. EnhanceWellness is an evidence-based program that has proven effective in giving clients measurable techniques for bettering their lives.

Below are statistics for number of visits per program recorded in FY 2010 (ended 6/30/10), the last date from which complete statistics are available:

  • EPSDT – 5105
  • CHP+ / Medicaid / PE – 850
  • Wellness Clinics – 1,854
  • Tai Chi & Exercise – 1,543
  • Healthier Living – 22
  • Rent Rebate – 184