What Our Partners Are Saying

The following quotes are from the partners we work with at the wellness centers.  Thanks to all of our partners for being so great to work with!


Freed Wellness Center

StepUp has always been such a help when a child needs to get on CHP+ or Medicaid. They always have such a positive cheerful attitude [and are] very prompt and courteous. They’re the best.”

– Justine Ramos, Freed Wellness Center


East Wellness Center

StepUp coming into our wellness center has been terrific for our uninsured community. [Brenda] works great with our families and is very friendly and flexible.”

– Sandra Trujillo, East Wellness Center


Having StepUp at EHS has been great in giving parents onsite information about getting their children insurance. Feedback from parents has also been positive.”

– Ann Gomez NP, East, Risley Wellness Centers


Risley Wellness Center

Having a StepUp outreach specialist at the Risley Wellness Center has provided a double benefit. Parents in need of medical insurance for their children have been able to connect with our representative very quickly, even the same day in one case. Also, we have learned more about the process of insuring students and the benefits available to them. This is real grass roots advocacy for our kids.”

– MaryAnn Saucer, RN, School Nurse


Central Wellness Center

I have worked with the StepUp program for patients in need of obstetric and newborn care in my previous position and they were always helpful. In my current position I witness almost daily children in need of health care that has been put off so long they now need specialists for surgery, acute illness treatment or physical therapy in order to return to a stable health condition to function in school and the community as productive individuals.

These children do not have any insurance and Brenda and the staff at StepUp have responded immediately to assist families to not only evaluate the child for Medicaid or CHP+ but to also assist them in finding a physician and making appointments.

As sick as so many of these children are because they have no access to healthcare, StepUp is truly making a difference in the lives of children, their families and our community. I am thankful to have them as a resource in today’s world of so many resources being eliminated due to budget cuts.”

– Susan Williams, FNP, Central Wellness Center